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Journal of Biotechnology and Bioindustry. Vol. 10, 2022

Enzymatic Syntheses of 1,2-Pentanediol Galactoside and 1,2-Decanediol Galactoside
효소를 이용한 1,2-Pentanediol Galactoside와 1,2-Decanediol Galactoside 합성
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:1-6.
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Biological Intervention Technologies for Seafood Processing
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:7-13.
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When Solar Touches the Skin
태양이 피부에 닿으면
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:14-18.
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Comparison of Sensory Characteristics of Beverages Containing Korean Red Ginseng
홍삼 함유 음료의 관능적 특성 비교
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:19-22.
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Evaluation of Dietary Intake in Korean Adolescents according to Practicing Healthy Diet - Based on 2018~2020 Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey -
청소년에서 건강식생활 실천 여부에 따른 영양소 및 식품섭취상태 분석 연구 - 2018~2020년 국민건강영양조사 자료를 활용하여 -
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:23-31.
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Permeation Characteristics of Acetaminophen Using Franz Diffusion Cells
프란츠 셀을 이용한 아세트아미노펜의 피부투과 특성 연구
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:32-36.
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Be Biologist: Basic Knowledge for Biologist Which No One Told 2
Be Biologist: 아무도 알려주지 않는 바이올로지스트가 되기 위한 기본 2
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:37-43.
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Catechin-Polymer Production Using (+)-Catechin Substrate by Laccase
Laccase의 (+)-Catechin 기질을 이용한 Catechin-중합체 생성
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:44-52.
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A Study on the Adolescent’ Usage Patterns and Perception for Food Labeling in Adolescents
청소년의 식품표시사항에 대한 이용실태 및 인식에 관한 연구
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2022;10:53-58.
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