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Journal of Biotechnology and Bioindustry. Vol. 7, 2019

Tumor-Associated Macrophages: Are Macrophages Enemy or Friendly?
종양관련 대식세포
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:1-4.
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Bioconversion of Ginseng Using Microorganisms
미생물을 이용한 인삼의 생물전환
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:5-11.
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Commercial Use of Hydrogels Containing Various Ingredients
다양한 성분을 함유한 하이드로겔의 상업적 이용
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:12-16.
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Usage and Efficacy of Anthocyanins
안토시아닌의 효능 및 이용
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:17-19.
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Sikhye Manufacturing Method Containing Mulberry and Aronia
오디와 아로니아를 함유한 식혜 제조방법
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:20-26.
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Macrophages Stimulating Activities of Solvent Extracts from Licorices (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) Cultivated in Different Countries
국내·외 재배 감초 용매추출물의 대식세포 활성
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:27-32.
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Continuous Synthesis of Chlorphenesin Galactoside
Chlorphenesin Galactoside의 연속 합성에 대한 연구
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:33-39.
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Alcoholic Fermentation Characteristics for the Manufacture of Aronia Vinegar
아로니아 식초 제조를 위한 알코올 발효 특성 확인
J. Biotechnol Bioind. 2019;7:40-45.
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